What is John 3:16?

How does this verse apply to our lives? Watch this four-part video series to find out exactly why John 3:16 is so important.

1. The meaning of life

From an early age, we work hard at school, trying to achieve the best possible grades. When we get older, we work, take care of our parents, raise our children, and get involved in our communities…

But what do we do all of this for?

2. God and creation

Our lives share one common problem: we are missing a satisfying relationship with our Creator.

Perhaps you are wondering, aren’t we all products of the evolutionary process? Is there really a Creator in this world? 

3. Where the soul goes

Every person will eventually meet his end; along with life, there is also death… 

You might ask, when a person dies, isn’t that the end? Do people really have souls?

4. Everlasting Life

Since we’re all sinners who have broken God’s commandments, we are all destined for an eternity in Hell. What hope do we have?

Praise be to God, who has prepared a solution to our problem: His only begotten Son.

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