THE SatisfYING LifeVideo Series

Why do we have this nagging sense that life should be better? Is there any hope for a completely satisfying existence? Find the answers you’ve been looking for in this 4-part series:

INTRODUCTION: I Just Want a Satisfying Life!

Chances are, you’re looking to a relationship, a job, a hobby, or some other pursuit to satisfy you. But everything is failing to deliver the happiness you crave. Or perhaps, you’re not trying anymore—it’s no use pursuing happiness, so you might as well be depressed. Either way, this restless longing for fulfillment keeps your heart unsatisfied. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your life can become satisfying today.

EPISODE 1: Why Is Life So Unsatisfying?

We all have this nagging sense that life should be better. We pursue “happiness,” but it always seems out of reach. Why?  The Creator of the universe tells us that there is a single problem at the root of it all. 

EPISODE 2: Is There Any Hope for a Completely Satisfying Life?

The short answer is YES. God created human beings to be completely satisfied in a perfect relationship with Him. And even though we have all rebelled and deserve His judgment, our situation is not hopeless. The Author has made a way for us to be redeemed. In fact, He is inviting you to be restored to His story today. 

EPISODE 3: When Does Life Become Fully Satisfying?

When you believe in Jesus and let Him begin rewriting your story, that is when life becomes fully satisfying. And you can make that decision today. But how? Listen to Pastor Mackay as he explains. 

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