Real life Stories

Meet people from all over the world whose life stories have been rewritten by the greatest Author.

Life Story of Pastor LArry Odom

Disillusioned by religion and scarred by the horrors of the Vietnam War, Larry Odom found peace when he came to Christ.

Life Story of Linda DeSerpa

I Found Healing for My Shattered Heart

As a little girl, Linda DeSerpa grew up being heavily abused by the people closest to her. False religion masked the depravity and sin that plagued her family, and her heart was left broken and deeply scarred.

Alcohol, drugs, and a broken marriage only added to Linda’s pain. All seemed hopeless–until she met Someone whose life-changing power would replace her trauma and sorrow with true joy and peace…

Life Story of Pastor Russell Mackay

How Jesus Rewrote My Story

Long before Russell Mackay became a pastor, he was a young boy living with a mentally unstable mom and looking for something to satisfy his restless heart. At the age of 13 he found what he was searching for. Listen to his story, and discover how you can experience peace and satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus too.

Life Story of Julius Provido

How Jesus Became My Captain

A boisterous young man from Manila, Julius Provido enjoyed the reckless abandon that came with the sailor’s life—until he had to face its consequences. Fortunately for him, there was Someone at his side who didn’t abandon ship at the first sign of trouble, Someone who’s had plenty of experience guiding people through life’s storms…

Life Story of Chun Duan

I Found Love that Truly Satisfies

Growing up in mainland China, Chun Duan yearned to be loved. As a child, she often felt overlooked and unloved; as an adult, she found no lasting satisfaction in her pursuits and accomplishments. Watch how Chun finally found a relationship that fills the deepest longings of her heart, and learn how you, too, can have true satisfaction in God’s amazing love!

Life Story of Shanan Kodi

I Left Islam & Found Peace in Christ

A studious but curious Muslim, Shanan Kodi experienced a lapse of faith during the onset of the Sudanese Civil War. Surrounded by fear and the danger of punishment, life certainly seemed bleak. But, Shanan encountered two special verses from a very special Book—verses that set him on a path of true peace.

John 3:16 in your language

When our original website launched in 2017, we called it Our goal was to explain John 3:16 in as many languages as possible, and before long we produced 17 different gospel presentations. But it wasn’t until 2020 that we created our first animated video. You can watch it below in English, French, or Mandarin. 


Understand John 3:16


Comprenez Jean 3:16


認識約翰福音3:16 普通話

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